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Zhuhai Palm Spring Hotel is located in the center of Gongbei port in Zhuhai. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to Macao, 15 minutes to Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center and Jiuzhou Port Wharf, and 40 minutes to Hengqin port and Changlong International Marine Resort.
Hotel has a single spa, set catering, entertainment, leisure, accommodation as one. With a construction area of more than 13000 square meters, the spa has a large multi-functional spa area, beauty and body care, food and entertainment, etc. it provides more than 20 massage programs and hundreds of technician teams to relieve the fatigue of business trip and travel.
Inspired by mysterious oriental elements, the guest room features 'space floating bed', which combines the simplicity and convenience of business travel with the fashion of leisure vacation. All the articles in the room are of high quality, providing you with butler service.
Oriental royal banquet Chinese restaurant has more than 1300 seats, spacious and elegant hall, VIP rooms of different styles, providing fine Cantonese cuisine, warm morning tea, English afternoon tea and health preserving banquet; The hotel has a professional team to provide you with personalized wedding planning, banquet activities.
The hotel parking lot can accommodate about 300 private cars at the same time, bringing convenience to self driving friends.
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FAQs when booking at Zhuhai Palm Spring Hotel
  • How far is the hotel from Zhuhai Jinwan Airport?

    Zhuhai Palm Spring Hotel is 30.3km from the airport.

  • Does Zhuhai Palm Spring Hotel offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Zhuhai Palm Spring Hotel?

    Check-in time is from 15:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Zhuhai Palm Spring Hotel.

  • Does Zhuhai Palm Spring Hotel have a pool or gym?

    The hotel has a gym, but no pool. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Zhuhai Palm Spring Hotel have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Zhuhai Palm Spring Hotel offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Zhuhai Palm Spring Hotel accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Zhuhai Palm Spring Hotel accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Zhuhai Palm Spring Hotel?

    Each costs cny68 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Zhuhai Palm Spring Hotel?

    The room prices is from cny368, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • yiyue
    Can only say, the door of the room is dirty.. The others are OK
  • jl_love_yy
    Hotel room is good, very new, but the traffic is not very convenient, the hotel also gives Chinese massage roll. There are few kinds of breakfast.
  • liubo23
    We came here from Gongbei gate. Because there is just 10 mosquito coupons, so pay 0 yuan. The hotel is really good. First of all, the decoration is very new. It looks clean and sanitary on the surface. We went to Macao during the day and came back tired at night to do spa massage
  • beijing2012
    All aspects of the hotel are very good, there are free coffee and milk tea in the lobby, like one. But I ordered a double bed room. When I went to the hotel, I said I ordered a big bed room. As a result, I paid 150 yuan for three rooms. I was a bit upset!
  • e00532655
    The hotel is good. The windowless room is still a little depressed
  • bella
    The facilities of the hotel are really good. The bathroom is very large, and the children's bathrobes and slippers are carefully prepared. The wardrobe is also equipped with an iron, which is very considerate. The fly in the ointment is the air conditioner. The rooms are all central air conditioners, but the temperature is difficult to adjust. After adjusting it several times, it is still 25 degrees, which is very hot. Breakfast is late at 9 a.m., which is not very convenient for passengers who go out and pass the customs in the morning. It was a perfect trip, but when we finally checked out, the front desk lady overcharged us by more than 100 yuan. We stayed in two rooms, the room fee was 936, the deposit was 2000, and 964 was returned to us. I didn't expect such a mistake. I didn't look carefully. I found this problem when I came home. Sorry! I hope relevant aspects of the hotel can strictly control such problems, which will seriously affect the image of the hotel!
  • tinawuwu
    Advantages of the hotel: electric bed, breakfast and massage coupon. Disadvantages: the female receptionist at the front desk has a bad attitude. I definitely ordered a brown expensive room for two days. She insisted that I live in an administrative room the first day and I have to transfer back to the brown expensive room the next day. When I checked in, I was allowed to live directly. No one said anything about the upgrade. Of course, I thought that the first day I lived in was brown expensive house! It's no use to show her the order. I have to change my room for 578 yuan. Fortunately, the male manager agreed that I would not change my room. Although the problem has been solved, I sincerely feel that their service is very poor.
  • bijie0406
    it 's not bad
  • carlos.lee
    The location is a little off, a good hotel, recommended! Bathing is a feature! It's expensive to eat.
  • DGIO15
    The hotel is good, and the geographical location is also good. It's very close to Macao from Gongbei, and the place to eat the next year is also close.
  • lj3868909
  • sdyy713
    The hotel is relatively new, very good
  • lydydl
    The hotel facilities are very good, five-star standard. The spa is also good. The morning tea in the downstairs restaurant is not expensive. recommend!
  • tonyuen
    Clean and convenient, good service, complete supporting facilities, lively place
  • luo8128
    The lobby is not big, but the room is really nice. Very big, very clean, the front desk service was quite friendly. I wanted to see the living environment for a day, but then I continued to live. The location is good. It's not far from the railway station. It's very convenient to cross Macao. There is a car from the hotel
  • cattlelin
  • jammie0504
    .................................... The hotel's environmental sanitation and facilities are very good. Massage vouchers are also sent. Bring the baby. There is no time to enjoy massage services. Breakfast is rich and delicious. Stay here next time.
  • lisa1968
    The location of the hotel is very good. Less than 10 minutes walk to the customs clearance port. The facilities are very new, the bed is very comfortable, especially the electric one. The service was also considerate. There is a bus to the port. Clean. Unfortunately, I don't have time for breakfast, so I don't know how to have breakfast.
  • ljx2011
    Overall good
  • andymwleung
    Yes, I'll stay next time
  • jyoung
    Although the room is not big, it is still very warm and exquisite. The equipment and facilities are also very clean, giving you the feeling of a five-star home
  • dyf0328
    It's a hotel with very good facilities. The bathroom and toilet are very large. The most intimate is the bathrobe and slippers specially prepared for children. The location is also good. It takes less than 10 minutes to take a taxi to Gongbei port. If the front desk didn't charge us 100 ocean more, it would be a perfect itinerary. We stayed in two rooms. The room fee was 936, the deposit was 2000, and 964 was returned when we checked out. I also blame myself. I didn't check it carefully at that time, because I had such a good impression of the hotel that I found the problem after checking the invoice and money. I hope the hotel can strengthen the training in personnel, so as not to affect the image of the hotel.
  • conniejunjun
    Very good. The price is reasonable
  • e04024305
    The environment is very good and the facilities are complete,
  • e03807277
    Very nice hotel
  • jojostar1
    Not bad. It's just that the decoration is a little noisy
  • Fulai
    The hotel is good. The room is big and has a big bathtub. The children like it very much. It is suitable for a family of four (two big and two small). The hotel is very close to Gongbei port. The service is very good. It is convenient to take guests to other places by special bus. The hotel's characteristic morning tea is very delicious!
  • e00870903
    It's a surprise choice. The facilities are very good. The hotel service is very friendly. It's very patient to show us all kinds of rooms. It's also convenient to go to the gateway. It's the only choice to come to Zhuhai next time
  • catjaja18
    Generally, maybe its spa is more famous. Nine o'clock is too ordinary.
  • aggiecjy
    There's nothing to say about the location of the environmental service. The relative price is also good. The most dissatisfied is breakfast. Everything you eat after 8:30 in the morning is empty and you don't make it up in time. Later guests can only eat noodles. This is terrible. I hope it can be improved in the future
  • gwnewb
  • pppenny
    First of all, let's talk about the location of the hotel. Because the departure plan was hasty, and because of the time, the hotel was booked to be close to the customs clearance. I didn't read the details carefully (the hotel has a special bus to pick up and send back from the port), so I spent more than an hour asking for directions and detours on the same day. In addition, the hotel may not be famous in the local area, so many passers-by didn't know, As a result, we had better give up the fight (in fact, we were near the hotel and arrived in less than 2 minutes). But to be honest, the location is a little remote. If it wasn't for a taxi, we wouldn't get there. Then I checked in. The front desk and doorman had a good attitude. In fact, I lived in another floor dedicated to spa massage. This is the result of not looking at the details. The hotel was fairly clean, but I didn't accept it at the beginning: 1. The hotel was not as beautiful and spectacular as the pictures. 2. The location was remote, but there was no noise, There are no supermarkets and restaurants downstairs and nearby. We have to walk more than one intersection to find the restaurant for dinner, but they are very broken. As a result, we ate the food of guomu's house. It's terrible to say that we can't do it at night. Even when we buy water later, we have to go to the opposite gas station to buy it. 3. Because the building is equivalent to massage spa, So there are so many complicated people. At first, we two girls felt unsafe. 4. There was a glass between the bathroom and the bathing place, but why was there only one door? There was no one here or there. Anyway, we were very drunk. It was good to take a bath and go to the bathroom. Moreover, neither of us could use the dressing room at the same time. The last point was very serious. There was a water quality problem. The water always tasted, After cooking, there was still sediment and fishy smell, so that we boiled it with mineral water for a few days and got drunk. Well, Luo Li said a lot and then cut into the key points. The room was comfortable. The room was small but clean, and the breakfast was very good. Although I didn't know what to eat until the third day, it was repeated and unchanged. Then I learned that there was a free shuttle bus on the night of check-in, so I had to rely on a shuttle bus to get in and out these two days, which was great, In addition, the attitude of the pick-up driver and the little brother at the pick-up point is super nice. We don't know the way. They also help us guide the way. In addition, we ordered a windowless room at that time. As a result, it was arranged to have a window. On the last day, we didn't bother to change the hotel, so we continued to stay one more night. None of the foot massage we gave was used, because we didn't arrive at the hotel until more than 12 o'clock every night, I don't have time to go for a massage, but I heard that there is a massage service fee and a tip. If you want to go for a massage, you should pay attention to it. Well, it's highly praised as a whole
  • maliyw
    It's inconvenient to get in and out of the room. You have to master the card every time. The original room is different. If you know, you won't book the room over there. The surrounding environment is only a large open space. You can only get in and out by RV
  • IvyXiao
    It's not up to grade. The spa is attached to the housekeeping department. The room hardware is OK, and the spare parts are slightly poor. The space floating bed has a good sense of space. The service was very poor. It seemed that I lost my memory when I ordered an iron. A city like Zhuhai doesn't cost much.
  • e02977898
    Very nice hotel. I like this style very much, and it's very warm. It's close to the port. I like the toothbrush and shoes that can be prepared for children. I feel very considerate.
  • fefegin
    Very good service and facilities.
    The hotel service is very considerate, the rooms are also cleaned very clean, people with high hygiene requirements are satisfied, and the decoration is more modern. And every day there is a regular business bus to pick up and send to the urban rail station, which is very convenient and the waiter's attitude is also very good. In short, I'm very satisfied. I recommend staying! The other building is a spa with good facilities!
  • asdf98765
    It's really good
  • aixian
    Great hotel, very good, strong recommendation, very good service. There was a little accident. On the first night, it was no use saying we took the laundry bag. I asked them to open the box to see if they took it or not. They didn't open it. Maybe the waiter forgot to put it back
  • liufenglv
    The location is good and the hotel is new, but although the quality of the staff is improved, the communication is a little poor
  • jennycaijin
    The hotel and room hardware are very good, the service can still be improved. There's no time for breakfast.
  • berylfang
    The room is too small
  • laowan69
    The room is spacious and tidy, and the equipment is very complete, but the light is a little dim, everything else is very good
  • e02765543
    The environment is good, the sanitation is also very clean, very good
  • curtisnorwood
    The room was ok, but the hygiene of one room was not done well. I found cigarette butts on the ground when I checked in. Everything else was very good. The surrounding areas were very convenient for meals and transportation. Breakfast was also OK
  • evolot
    High cost performance. Pick up and drop off again, convenient.
  • ipodmop
    The hotel is very good
  • fjsean
    There is no non-smoking room in the hotel. It's not bad to accept customers' suggestions with an open mind. The service can't keep up with it. It needs a lot of training. Generally speaking, the software and hardware are not good.
  • Alves
    Generally speaking, the staff's ability to solve emergencies is very poor! dissatisfied!
  • jovipan
    Not bad! 1
  • a545025
    Not bad, but the position is slightly off, everything else is good
  • fancloud
    Not bad. It's near Gongbei port. It's quiet on the whole, but the sound insulation effect is not very good
  • E02494180
    Good health, considerate service, high cost performance, worthy of recommendation
  • fesfef
    The room is a little small
  • animamm
    Not bad, not bad
  • Justdoit
    Very good hotel. I stay here every time I pass the customs. There is always a shuttle bus to the port. It is very convenient and the service is very good
  • jimpopol
    It's far from the airport, the environment is very good, and breakfast is average.
  • e00041839
    The location of the hotel is convenient, the price is friendly, and the environment is also good
  • alacc
    The service in the hotel is very good, but the children have half price for breakfast
  • e01507094
    The second time I checked in, there was no bathtub, but there were a lot of snacks around, the rooms were clean and the facilities were complete. It's only a ten minute walk from Gongbei station.
  • summer07
    The waiter is very good and the room is clean
  • lsy68555
    The bath center of the hotel is awesome!
    The traffic is not very convenient, everything else is very good
  • NancyXu
  • dubianjuntai
    The hotel is located in the city center, with convenient transportation, quiet in the middle of trouble and comfortable bed
  • davyxue
    All very good...
  • e00252799
    High cost performance, very good
  • s sprites
    Overall, I was very satisfied.
  • jimmywang
  • Gavin_song
    I only like the hotel rooms. They are clean and comfortable. Breakfast and staff efficiency are generally acceptable. I don't know if the spa spa is outsourcing or hotel management? I saw a poster advertising spa in the lift of the hotel. The price of different service packages was about 488 ~ 688. However, when I went to the 6th floor and arrived at the spa room, the minimum price introduced by the spa staff ranged from more than 900 yuan to more than 2000 yuan. I asked her if she had some packages of about 500 yuan? She replied that those had been cancelled, she didn't know what posters were in the hotel lift, and added, 'many customers in our place commented that our prices are too cheap!', I didn't go back to her. My self-esteem was hurt. In the end, I didn't choose to leave. I just chose 988, which she said was the cheapest package
  • e03260837
    not so bad
  • stanla
    New and clean facilities, excellent staff service attitude, good catering quality and high overall cost performance. Great.