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Situated just 2 km (1.2 mi) from the Gongbei Port,  the Palm Spring Hotel (Zongquan Jiudian) features convenient transportation to Macao.    Free parking and Wi-Fi in public areas are available to guests of this hotel.    Chinese cuisine is served in the hotel restaurant. Room service is also available.

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住客评论 1173条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • D01142217
    Health good, breakfast is simple but the taste, arched North Gate 10 minutes walk, luggage is not much good.
  • yinyutian2008
    Room is clean, more spacious bed is big is comfortable, and is that can adjustment angle of massage bed, adjustment good Hou really of sleep of is comfortable room facilities is rich, bathroom with bathtub, wet and dry partition road also find. hotel environment is good, service attitude good, shop facilities and service attitude can is Shang Zhuhai best of, got off to Zhuhai must also will select here.
  • candall
    Hotel is new, comes with massage coupon worth
  • dxgtl
    Mineral water in a bottle drive! rooms can't beat hotel, room service and front desk can't play ... ...
  • Seamus555
    The first electric bed, strange, hotel hour, feel good
  • bemon
    Prices more than 500 more, room small, bed also small, breakfast also poor, fundamental not five-star of standard, said is sent massage coupons, also to another to service fee and consumption, feel not comfortable. later modified to another a hotel, cheap has 200, room big, room within also has sauna room. only said shop party put massage of money is in room in has, actual is forced consumption. but service of people are attitude is good, but nines of beauty massage Division by of also bad, not to tip face super black
  • laoxu1984
    First time staying at Nice, the rooms are very quiet. around mid-night snack or more
  • DGIO15
    Hotel good location also OK. to Macau from the Gong bei border near places to eat near the year after next.
  • Allison aa aa
    Many times, this clause is exclusive, quality assurance. 488 Yuan than usual but I might as well!
  • A06273199
    The room good. the layout is also very good.
  • aoliber
    Others are quite pleased with, is the hotel's glass is too dirty! white porcelain cup of tea stain didn't wash. disgusting! really want to complain about it! next time who still dare to live
  • E03407664
    Hotels in Nice
  • arbear
    Good, the traffic is convenient, clean and sanitary, and large bath with tub, next time.
  • lenxue007
    Nice room good environment, fully furnished! all in a quiet!
  • e00150920
    Which is very nice
  • Cotin
    Good nice hotel very good, thoughtful service, and my family is like, if you will choose it again next time.
  • flower9900
    Good. hotel direct transfer gate. sent Spa volume. save a lot. service attitude. quiet around. breakfast also Ok. it is worth staying at.
  • angelyu2011
    Really thought it was good, clean room facilities are also new!
  • ceclia1986
    Good location, from the Macau border gate near
  • d02326148
    Room was large, the facility is also very complete, intact. from the Gongbei gate near, nearby shopping are convenient, very good
  • babylon
    Nice hotel, not far from the centres of Gongbei. highly recommended.
  • cooflo
    Near from the Gongbei port
  • dejavu0819
    Hotel super great, cheap, good service, clean, abundant breakfast; send massage coupon is also good, plus more than 10 yuan per person service charge, there is free tea and fruit; see comments that the room has no Windows until, also worried a bit, found room with Windows and a little surprise-
  • ameliasung
    It's not bad.
  • greennew
    Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep at home fashion
  • crystalmo
    Great convenience
    Delay also will be charged a fee
  • rogerxu1982
    Really nice hotel, the price ratio is relatively high, more than three hundred or four hundred hotels much better. entrance is across from Spa, also first-class. Hotel East downstairs Banquet, great food, dinner, morning tea are very good, beautiful round very good.
  • Gavin2948
    Price is relatively high, service was good. also send massage coupons, a day just to relax.
  • redeye527
    Good location, is near from the Gongbei. hotel software and hardware are very good, if breakfast is rich and good.
  • cici731
    Hotel is find, followed navigation go soon on found has. lobby compared small, in massage floor opposite. regardless of is lobby also is restaurant door of waiter attitude are is good, polite, has asked has answer. room General is satisfaction, clean health comfortable, night sleep is quiet, also no mess of phone playing came in. most let people surprise of is, all wash supplies including slippers are has children of, baby is happy, hehe. breakfast no online said of so poor, varieties I thinkA lot, something is delicious, good value for money. than many five-star hotels in Guangzhou not bad. overall to my satisfaction, also consider this hotel next time I go to Zhuhai. parent-child trip first recommended!
  • brucedong
    Second stay, hardware and software services are good, drink tea and meals were very good. it is worth recommending!
  • evelyn_52
    Is a-long's the best choice for people who live downtown
  • dan420forever
    Room is large, the mattress is too soft
  • Benson624562
    Price/performance and lower ... Guests reflected on the breakfast voucher fees, not satisfied with!
  • npdwt
    Pretty good next time will go to
  • e03349086
    The hotel is not very big, Spa time, hotel was relatively, like hotel chains, there is need to Macao and from guest really convenient. overall assessment of 4 levels.
  • AR TüV Rheinland
    Hotel is new, facilities also is good, location also is good, general feel also good. is service also is owes comprehensive, was has shuttle to arch North of shuttle, back Shi, is said not clear in arch North of reception Member of location, also no obviously of logo, victims we in that, has 1 hours, especially with children, like one nightmare. they think granted of location, for early to of passenger, is bad understanding of, hotel should in we with car of when, on told IGentlemen, come back, who, where, four star hotel, but only 3 stars service. service is one more sentence, take a few more steps, we would not have been in vain for so long.
  • wongyiying
    All right
  • sll2011sll
    That you deserve, comfort and reasonable prices, particularly large bathroom, good location, behind a street snack, particularly inside the Spa estimate services are particularly good, because downstairs stopped a lot of cars
  • fengxiang1943
    Hardware good enough new, but no window room a little smell, the most appalling is that the fridge is not cold, I put all the food broke, breakfast 9:30 up, best put off until 10:30, Spa facilities good, but service, slow staff less enthusiasm and attitude.
  • candylj1983
    Okay, it is a room without Windows
  • joey72725
    The hotel is very clean, staff is very polite, with children's slippers and bathrobe in the room, although there was no children. buffet breakfast was excellent, Hong Kong-style breakfast is delicious
  • flora851211
    Hotel location compared find, came in hotel, to I of feel is service is good, are is has courtesy, hotel environment good, room health clean comfortable. sent has double breakfast coupons and massage coupons, massage will received 10% of service fee, Spa Museum of service also is good. If didn't want to eat hotel of dining, hotel behind has a street, many tide Shan food, praise?! Breakfast was great and the different habits of breakfast, Chinese and Western, and tastes good?!
  • e00005368
    Hotel environment was good, service was good, breakfast was good, is the Spa is separate charges and no swimming pool
  • mr.ray
    II late 1259, returned now 150 such of price should has more high of requirements, toilet in has dirt, small towel has black spots, activities of mirror Shang has fingerprints, air-conditioning voice is big, to soon of sleep. these is room in see get of problem. bedding full white no longer wants to carefully check dirty not dirty, or is effect mood of. bed is can regulation increased declined, mattress comfortable temporarily is only highlights, time again long is not know will is what, after all is new hotel. Arrival gift massage volume bundling spending, there is extra service charge tips you can give, but ... Is impossible not to, and does not suggest that women make men go.
  • BIG L
    Hotel rooms and service were very good, just a little difficult to find, next time will stay
  • intrepid
    That's good
  • davyxue
  • audifp1
    Eating good food downstairs, opposite the massage, and good accommodation conditions