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Situated just 2 km (1.2 mi) from the Gongbei Port,  the Palm Spring Hotel (Zongquan Jiudian) features convenient transportation to Macao.    Free parking and Wi-Fi in public areas are available to guests of this hotel.    Chinese cuisine is served in the hotel restaurant. Room service is also available.

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住客评论 1916条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • jasonroad
    Small rooms, but also you can. price felt expensive. opposite the foot massage feels cheating, do not link to
  • george90422
    Resort Hotel, good choice!
  • greatmoon
    Hotel room was very good, but the smell in the room is a bit harder to accept.
  • fenya_79
    Service was poor.
  • doris_gain
    Service also can, around environment General, hotel has free car sent to arch North mark, to mark 5 minutes car drive, didn't window of room does somewhat stuffy, bathroom is big, just drainage bad will water, we live of is bath of floor, access are to specialty brand, feel weird of, also is trouble, breakfast select although less, enough eat full has, with prices is phase anastomosis of grade
  • monina
    Superb, well good
  • allrise333
    I feel pretty good, the location, near the port, downstairs there is restaurant meals.
  • flora851211
    Hotel location compared find, came in hotel, to I of feel is service is good, are is has courtesy, hotel environment good, room health clean comfortable. sent has double breakfast coupons and massage coupons, massage will received 10% of service fee, Spa Museum of service also is good. If didn't want to eat hotel of dining, hotel behind has a street, many tide Shan food, praise?! Breakfast was great and the different habits of breakfast, Chinese and Western, and tastes good?!
  • e00022390
    Soon new hotel facility is new, good service, location
  • eaglemei
    Hotel environment and service attitude is good, rooms need small, but very clean, very comfortable to live. send breakfast also very good, and, no less. due to time reasons, not to experience Chinese massage coupon, next time I go to Zhuhai will choose to stay here, Gongbei hotel also has a car pass.
  • Prince
    A few good
  • glwmm
    Very good, very comfortable, the service is also in place
  • angela0709
    It wasn't too bad
  • Edgar
    From the Gongbei port close, but didn't go to the massage
  • janefeng198983
  • joe4212
    Set of is brown your room (no window); tangled has is long to don't set no window of room, because pictures Shang no no window room of effect, not know will is suppressed; then more than 500 more of standard price Brown your room was told also has may will arrangements to no window room, and does not necessarily is with window of, such also than set 488 of, if more than 500 more arrangements a no window of and has what meaning does? this is not reasonable! to shop Hou found OK, has do soft ornaments and curtains, although no with Windows ofTransparent, but also acceptable; under the Po we can refer to the picture below. Because it was Friday, and so prices rise a lot, usually 388, weeks 5,488; buffet breakfast, massage coupons and two (didn't go too tight), the Gongbei border gate Shuttle, free parking; these items are very attentive. 1, service staff service attitude is good, it does not understand is, House need bead bracelets, hotelDid not say what it was, nor did we, the next day went out were stopped by the customer service has been asking us bracelets? is strange, because it simply does not give us bracelets, and verification of their own for a while, that I signed before they travel. 2, double back, not much varieties, West point, Chinese more than 10, with 5 star is also a lot of bad coffee is instant! bread, cake's no good, too sweet, too much oil; other Dim sum taste is so-so.3, shuttle service very good, is a commercial vehicle, but when I come back for a long time did not wait, go back, walk for about 10 minutes, but not far. 4, was driving past, particularly determined the parking lot prior to the booking conditions; parking lot, and completely free, this is very convenient. 5, room is very rich, bathroom with tub, wet and dry area; wardrobe there baby bathrobes, unfortunately this did not take the baby to; there are irons,Practical. Nice hotel is a 4-star standard, so don't expect 5 star service, it's good.
  • bany0088
    Really good, cost-effective. is it time for breakfast a little later. 7 points, 7;30 to me, basically is in the prepared state.
  • lusianley
    Nice, nice, nice breakfast, recommended more choices, generally recommend coming to live in the future, the traffic is very convenient.
  • ganggang2009
    I is a requirements sleep environment must quiet of people, began set this hotel of when also worried room of noise bad, because online has wrote hotel next attached has a large of Spa Museum, but actually in hotel and Spa Museum apart so near of situation Xia, room also is is quiet of, noise do have good, and also sent has massage coupons, very good of hotel, also worth recommended. Spa Museum environment also good Oh?
  • d03597979
    No problem.
  • durant
    Hotel not far from the Gongbei port, taxi 10 bucks to the hotel is very new, room a bit small, great, good, and
  • loongman
    Which is very nice
  • caowei20090523
    First, and not crumble easily.
  • jm_liang
    Room too small, hardware
  • malamian
    Friend, it should be good ^ _ ^ ^ _ ^
  • cl5928
    Pretty good, Nice.
  • Nicole8668
    Which is very nice
  • lieffan
    From the pass near room, breakfast variety
  • baobei100
    Good location, good service, very nice hotel, near from the gateway, Zhuhai next time definitely is this hotel.
  • clemon1009
    Live hotel, comfortable and clean
  • Lee Fun
    For three days, feel good, because consuming a bottle of iced tea a bit unpleasant experience, I did not consume, although not worth money, but my mind is still very uncomfortable, in the hope of managing for the future will be more strict, not this kind of thing happen again! influence your mood!
  • e00122371
    Not satisfied with the hotel heater was the only, although no winter in Zhuhai, but high-end hotels should have conditions of heating and air conditioning needs of different customers, and heating and air conditioning, not less than 10 degrees cold open the rules there's no convincing!
  • alan0628
  • bsjjl2
    Can be recommended, intermediate
  • Ad leader
    Overall, a slight smell of newly renovated ...
  • dan420forever
    Room is large, the mattress is too soft
  • jewman
    Well, all is good
  • ann_forever
    Very good service very high for a clean environment, recommend superior double room, overall good, have the opportunity to stay there again.
  • Ting@trip
    Good good
  • csuliyang
    Hotel facilities are good, too little drawback is breakfast, tastes, and needs to be improved
  • Aster1515
    From Gongbei port 5 minutes, very convenient.
  • jiajia927
    The beautifully decorated hotel! room health very good! it deserves praise! from lovers walk for half an hour for evening walks.
  • d01955541
    Nice, Spa was great, breakfast was great, easy to eat around
  • axl100
    almost good new hotel, very close food street and easy to find!
  • Lannaduo
    Service was warm! internal conditions can also!
  • dxgtl
    Mineral water in a bottle drive! rooms can't beat hotel, room service and front desk can't play ... ...
  • aiamy
    Free shuttle service, the hotel is convenient, send massage coupons to stay cause.
  • sanni3
    Nice hotel, good location, very clean, bed was very good, the environment is also good.
  • claud21
    Hotel clean and breakfast good. hotel swimming pool and Jacuzzi is subject to charges, but no one place to find information. in addition, said the bus turns out to be needed by the gate to the hotel earlier call to arrange, nor did he tell us this information?
  • capsissa
    Environment is good, hotel is very new, very comfortable to live