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Zhuhai Palm Spring Hotel is located in the center of Zhuhai's bustling Gongbei Port. It is about a 15-minute walk to Macau, a 15-minute drive from Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center and Kyushu Port Pier, and a 40-minute drive from Hengqin Port and Changlong International Ocean Resort by car.

The hotel has a separate spa, which integrates catering, entertainment, leisure and accommodation. The spa has a construction area of more than 13,000 square meters, has a large multi-functional spa area, beauty and body, food and entertainment, etc., provides more than 20 kinds of massage projects, hundreds of technicians team, for you to ease the fatigue of business trips and travel.

The guest room is inspired by the mysterious oriental elements, featuring a 'space floating bed' that takes into account the simplicity of business travel and the fashion of leisure vacations. All the supplies in the room are of high quality, providing you with intimate service.

Oriental Royal Banquet Chinese Restaurant has more than 1,300 seats, with spacious and elegant halls, VIP rooms of various styles, providing boutique Cantonese cuisine, warm morning tea, English afternoon tea, and health boutique banquets; the hotel has a professional team to provide you Personalized wedding planning and banquet activities.

The hotel parking lot can accommodate about 300 private cars at the same time, bringing convenience to self-driving friends. The hotel can also provide pick-up and drop-off service, every 20 minutes at Gongbei Pass. Jiuzhou Port Terminal must be reserved by telephone in advance (please consult the merchant for details).
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  • e00532655
    Nice hotel, windowless room was slightly depressed
  • ayun3129522
    Clean, nice, comfortable and I am very happy with
  • Gavin_song
    Easy to close the past. next time
  • estellel
    Good location, newly renovated, no smell, is too small on the feeling level of the Hall don't go, price is little expensive!
  • airt007
    The room was very clean, fantastic comfort, very near from the port, easily and 100 is not enough praise, so many hotels, one of the most favorite
  • cy_jiang
    Great second stay at the Hotel Executive rooms housing more expensive than Brown Brown your room are small too much next time
  • jiejieapple1016
    Nice hotel! is near from the port, walk 10-15 minutes, the room facilities is very good! will stay next time!
  • sslnraf
    Clean facilities, very close to the mark. something to eat as well.
  • bmw058
    Due to Heng Qin long one night, and then go in the rest of Gongbei and then back to Guangzhou, just ordered this, but gave me a big surprise! hotel facilities and service can be counted on to Zhuhai best, car to Zhuhai will also be selected here.
  • gorwy
    The recent good hotel, Gongbei from Zhuhai city rail station and very close to, the room is spacious, bed was very comfortable, next to Zhuhai will be selected here.
  • liuxiangxxoo
    Lived at the recently opened, is now open for many years hotels still feeling new bed can also be radio control, a bit strange
  • borntotry
    Hotel coupon to make up the difference, which is bad, others are very convenient
  • yiyue
    Can only say that the room is so dirty.
  • e00424790
    Cheap, clean and tidy
  • got2000
    Environment, is near from the port, very convenient, hotel massage is also great
  • tutuPrincess
    Was going to go somewhere else to play, because Nice and extended for a day.
  • e02620197
    Prices also continue to upgrade, send massage massage. tips and service charges-only 36, not bad!
  • baiye2005
    Due to to to Macau Tourism on in Mark near find has this hotel, hotel of location also is find, facilities aspects is complete, front desk reception service is good, regardless of we has what questions she are is patience of one by one for we answers (praise a a). is said gift of foot therapy, behind to added received service fee with room, good. received on received's, foot therapy finished zhihou foot therapy Division to a Zhang single to we signed, signed has zhihou also called we in tip that bar hook about, has such of service did, actually toSeeking guest to tip, may due to himself itself also in reading, no to tip of concept, but foot therapy Division such requirements we, what impression are bad has. health aspects somewhat small episode, is to to hotel prepared rest of when found sheets has blood, but rooms service soon on help we again for has a Zhang new of sheets. as other of on nothing has, not effect himself shopping Macau of mood.
  • lisadai
    Which is very nice
  • a549200
    Convenient walk to the Gongbei Zhuhai and Guangzhou-Zhuhai rail station, just 10 minutes, with free shuttle pass
  • fefegin
    The hotel services and facilities were very good.
  • angusyen
    Very good second stay at send massage volume but this did not help me upgrade window but
  • sunrain
    Services and facilities are good. next comes
  • Beverly08
    Free massages every night good volume, service OK, is the noise a little bit almost feel every voice heard whirring in opposite to waiter to clean room vacuum cleaner
  • amenities
    Still good!
  • llll2010
    Poor, not again live second times. with wife children to of, see with score is high, results room in Spa Center, access are have for hand brand, make have fundamental not like live hotel, like is to bath of. room health is dirty, ground dirty XI XI of, also has many hair, for has a between slightly better. noise is poor, can heard next door of TV voice. no Windows, black of.
  • rubstone
    Macau back to rest did not think the room is really nice hotel live 100 times times better than it was before, and also massage coupons and they're not easy to chat when he began doing this when the hand is swollen, bathroom wet and dry area like
  • apaul_918
    Room is very new, next to eat, very convenient
  • David_abc
    Very good, very comfortable, hospitality, courtesy, and thoughtful, and very good breakfast. Room facilities some loss, failing to find repair, hoping more attention.
  • lomeng
    Some expensive, psychological price cannot exceed 800!
  • fillmaildl2008
    Big room, with a baby, bad twin bed, and change rooms
  • BIG L
    Hotel rooms and service were very good, just a little difficult to find, next time will stay
  • jimmywang
    Shi Shu
  • linxiaoming_cd
    Service is good, hotel is very humane, next time will come.
  • clifeng115
    Room was very nice supporting worthy of the price?
  • soul0622
    North Shore shuttle arch, convenience, good service attitude, and sent Chinese massage roll, tired to relax
  • bettyteng229
    Good location, Zhuhai is close to the station, walk for about 5 minutes. a shuttle service, satisfaction
  • xulaoda
    Good location, room was, peripheral parking spaces can meet their daily parking demand. restaurant taste good, price is above the average. service attitude, slightly smaller in the lobby, parking at the door is a small.
  • nini1226
    Gateway 15 minutes walking distance, directly downstairs where there is tea ... Nice, from the pass near the price is acceptable
  • dejavu0819
    Hotel super great, cheap, good service, clean, abundant breakfast; send massage coupon is also good, plus more than 10 yuan per person service charge, there is free tea and fruit; see comments that the room has no Windows until, also worried a bit, found room with Windows and a little surprise-
  • beijingwanxi
    Dinner in the hotel restaurant, hanging in the price settlement. failure to inform the hotel dining room card hit 90 percent, dinner took 1500, too honest
  • vernet
    Environment for good feeling surrounding nothing to eat
  • ella317
    Hotels in Gongbei port can send a car to pick up, facilities are good, free massage coupons, great.
  • extremecat
    Clean hotel, good service attitude.
  • smile_xuan0820
    Love the fact that the hotel is new and nextto a full facilities spa. Food is good. This place is a little secluded, so you might need to use their complimentary ride to the underground mall area to get across to Macau.
    Clean, bed yesterday with paper towels, cups washed
  • delta
    Electric adjustable beds very comfortable, nice, more value!
  • daiyi26
    First time here, feeling good, overall good
  • samgxs
    Staying for the first time, I feel pretty good, should past consumption!
  • majunnn
    Nice hotel, value is pretty high!